Orange as in Flower as in Autumn!

Fall gold and yellow
Shines across lake reflections
Crispy autumn air

Here is a touch of orange for Orange You Glad It’s Friday. This is a Mexican Bird of Paradise (Caesalpinia pulcherrima) we have growing in our backyard.

And for Paint Party Friday I took the photo above , put it in my Corel Painter Essential and experimented with the different brushes and textures; then on to Picasa where I added a few outer embellishments. Still pretty dull. What kind of paint programs are out there that some of my fellow artists find rewarding – and not to complicated?



29 thoughts on “Orange as in Flower as in Autumn!

  1. Visiting from Orange You Glad It’s Friday! Love the Mexican Bird of Paradise! You must live in the southwest, we have them here in SE Arizona too and they are blooming right now! 🙂

    • I live in the low desert and the red bird of paradise (I read that a lot of people call it the Mexican bird of paradise but it really is the Red bird of paradise) likes hot climate and dry soil. I would imagine Australia must have different climates all over the country like here is the US, right? I hope you are lucky and can grow one – they are very easy to take of – mine was here when we moved in, 15 years ago and I just prune it way back in the winter and it grows right back in the spring.

  2. Gorgeous flower…hmmm, have you tried Art Rage? It’s downloadable, and you can endlessly customize your brushes and canvas to get wildly different results. It’s fun to tinker with.

    • Thanks a lot for the suggestion. I downloaded the trial demo and did a painting using the same flower – I’ll post it today or tomorrow. It is a lot of fun but something’s wrong, either with the program or my mouse – sometimes it automatically curls off to the side when I’m trying to paint a straight line. Had fun with it though and will keep experimenting 🙂

  3. I don’t think your painting is dull, I love it’s soft colours and the effects you used to manipulate the image. I would love to get into photoshop, but because I don’t know how to use it, I find it more frustrating than anything else. I have used Picmonkey a little and so far it is easy to use!

    • Never heard of Picmonkey – I’ll have to check it out. I’ve heard photoshop is the best – but to really get good use out of it I would imagine a class or two would be worthwhile. Carlarey mentioned ArtRage which I downloaded and just tried today and will post the painting soon.

  4. What a beautiful plant, I have written that down as I am beginning to organise my garden and make trips to the garden centre, and that would make me very happy. Fingers crossed I can find one!

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