Archive | September 9, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

The prompts – or words – for this Sunday in the Scavenger Hunt are: Monochromatic; Starts with the letter; Upside Down; Hair; and Soft.


This is my grandfather, William Henry Bolles, when he was 21 years old.

Starts With The Letter – A

Because I love angels.  This has been on my back kitchen door for about five years – one of those Christmas magnetic-type stickums to glass.

Upside Down

This little fellow was attached to the screen of my upstairs bedroom window when the weather was cool.  He would be there early in the morning, sleep all day and be gone at dusk


My nephew, the musician – I emailed him to get permission to use his pix, which he gave me.  And he sent me some pictures of his cat, Woody – I think this one is hilarious!  Good going, Joe!


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