Lalla Palooza

Lalla Palooza
Cool, calm and collected
With demure allure
And much delight she draws men
To her like bees to honey

Here is a sketch I did today with soft charcoal.   This is just a figment of my imagination and no live person, so I can call her whatever I want to, right?  How about Lalla?    Lalla Palooza 🙂  I would appreciate some real critiquing – like, her eyes are too close together, her head is… or proportion is…  or whatever you may think is off or out of perspective.  Just leave a comment – much appreciated!


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18 thoughts on “Lalla Palooza

  1. a quick tip i was told many years ago was any picture you create if you think something is not right but cant put your finger on it then hold your picture up to a mirror and look at its reflection in the mirror, whatever is not right will become obvious when seen in the reflection, hope this helps it always helps me thank you for sharing have a great day xx

    • I was thinking about that. I saw a teenager that had ears that stuck out, a little chin and a crooked nose – so, yes, people come in all shapes and sizes. This young lady was fortunate and had corrective surgery (mainly because she was so bullied in school because of her looks) and now has a face that is very well proportioned. But I think Lalla is pretty even though her eyes are kind of close 🙂

  2. Well, her eyes are close together but some peoples eyes are! So it’s just what she looks like. I like the soft lines of the charcoal…her hair is to die for! I can see why the men are attracted to her. HPPF too!

  3. everyone’s eyes are different sizes and sometimes they are a close together so obviously Lalla is one of those people… it makes her interesting… there are some great tutorials on drawing faces on youtube, especially on drawing eyes… but I think this is a great start…xx

  4. Lalla sounds great. As a general rule, there has to be the size of an eye, more or less, in between the eyes. But that’s a general, since many people have a wider space, or narrower. The thing is, if you like it, then is fine. If it’s not making you happy, then you change things, but not only for the rules ;o)

  5. She’s wonderful! I love how you did her hair ( I am working on improving my hair skills so I am really noticing good hair of others). I am not enough of a face artist to be able to even know what to give as constructive criticism -I think she’s wonderful.

  6. Thank you all for the input. Consensus is Lalla is okay as she is! Before I posted her I did redo her eyes several times; I held her up to the mirror and the eyes didn’t seem too dissimilar – although if I were to draw another Lalla I’d make the eyes a little further apart – and would pull her hair back from her face somewhat. I thought about it, but knew if I did it would require more work modeling her facial structure 🙂 that’s why I say the Next Lalla!

  7. I love her name! I think she is great, I think the features that are a little “off” (but whose face doesn’t look a little off???), add to the character of her. As well as looking in a mirror, I was also told by someone to look at the piece upside down. If I have real troubles with the eyes, I do one eye up the right way and the other way upside down, and it seems to work.

  8. Love her name! Portraits are hard for me, so am starting a class soon! Nice job. I have heard of the mirror and the upside down techniques. Also heard the eyes should be 1/2 down the head when including the whole head/hair and down to bottom of chin. The end of nose and under bottom of lips, 1/3 each down from eyes. I think i got that right, but not sure!

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