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Topock Bay, Arizona – Skywatch

Today’s photos are from Topock Bay, Arizona.  My sister-in-law and I went on a photographers’ outing and had just finished visiting Oatman, Arizona.  The day was still young so we decided to go about 21 miles further south and take some shots of the beautiful Topock Bay in the area of Five Mile Landing and Catfish Paradise.


Here are some interesting sites with information on the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge and Topock Bay:
Havasu National Wildlife Refuge
Topock, Arizona
Topock Gorge
Topock Bay, Arizona is being shared with Skywatch

What’s zat?

I finally got my Plinky working!  It’s been a great tool in getting the brain working as far as finding something to write about – it pulls other incidental thoughts out of the brain that lead to other ideas for blogging.  This is from several months ago, and the question was: “What annoying word or phrase are you tired of hearing?” and this is my reply:


well, like, I mean, you know, what can I say? It’s like, you know, if I hear that word one more time, you know, like, I think I will scream!

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Sing Mountain Sing!

Orange You Glad It’s Friday

This is a photograph I took of a mountain just outside of Oatman, Arizona and then used some creative magic  to make the mountains and terrain sing with color!  To see more inspiring photos or paintings go to Orange You Glad It’s Friday.

Orange You Glad It's Friday

Lalla Palooza

Lalla Palooza
Cool, calm and collected
With demure allure
And much delight she draws men
To her like bees to honey

Here is a sketch I did today with soft charcoal.   This is just a figment of my imagination and no live person, so I can call her whatever I want to, right?  How about Lalla?    Lalla Palooza 🙂  I would appreciate some real critiquing – like, her eyes are too close together, her head is… or proportion is…  or whatever you may think is off or out of perspective.  Just leave a comment – much appreciated!


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