Traditional – haiku

dewdrops on the grass
dawn slowly breaks sun rises


bubbly golden crust
with plump apples piled high
eager faces wait


hot sweet potatoes
under melted marshmallows
golden roasted bird

Go to Sensational Haiku Wednesday for more haiku. Each week a new prompt (word) is given and the challenge is to create haiku with that word or describing the word. Join in the fun!
Join the fun!

11 thoughts on “Traditional – haiku

  1. Basho2012 I cannot get to your blog – other than go through Google. Can you add your blog address to your Thank you for the comment. Jenn from Sensational Haiku Wednesday has been “trained” to use the traditional 5-7-5. I’d like to use the other but need to study what it involves. I’m sure all of my haiku don’t even follow the “rules” of a haiku, ie nature subjects not human; no punctuation, etc.

    My belief is rules are made to be broken – but only after you have mastered the rules. 🙂

  2. What a nice way to traditional haiku. I love the first one … looks classical in it’s image. I have posted a traditional haiku also on Sensational Haiku Wednesday.
    By the way I commented earlier as Basho2012.

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