Oatman, Arizona

Mountains just outside of Oatman, Arizona

Feed me! Feed me!

The wild burros are used to tourists feeding them carrots and apple slices  and eagerly stick their heads in the cars as they come in and out of town.

The town’s people are very protective of their wildlife and have put stickers on the baby burros that read: “Don’t Feed Me”…  Their digestive systems are not mature enough to be able to digest the fruits and vegetables the tourists feed their parents.

Getting ready for the Great Shoot out.

The Classy Ass Store

One of many souvenir/tourist shops in the small town of Oatman, Arizona

Oatman, Arizona

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15 thoughts on “Oatman, Arizona

  1. Too bad people feed animals the wrong foods. The store looks fun and cheery, and the mountains nearby look like they would be fun to explore, if it’s not too hot.

  2. It is too bad. The babies get sick and then some of the town’s people have to pay a vet’s bill to get them well. You definitely don’t want to go during the summer when the temps are in the mid-100s. But it is fun to check out all the jewelry and mega t-shirts!

  3. it’s amazing how we, people, feel this need to feed all the animals. sometimes it’s better to leave them find their own food, and yes, we should really protect the environment in order for the animals to still be able to find food!

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