Scavenger Hunt Sunday

It’s Sunday already! Time for the scavenger hunt – and find something that will represent the following words: Candid; toys; any of the five senses; batteries; and half.


This is Sparky and her first (or second) favorite toy – but this is a candid shot believe it or not.


At first, Sparky’s toys were going to be my subject but I went into my office (which I don’t use regularly) and spotted all my bears and Elmo in the chair  – aha! There’s my toys setting on a pile of papers I will get to some day, some day, some day.


One of the five senses – Taste

Here is my Thanksgiving dinner last year.


We’ve always kept our batteries in the refrigerator, supposedly because they last longer.  This is our wet bar frig, and oh, that O’Doul’s beer has been there  for several years.  When Mom was about 97  I switched her to non-alcohol beer since she couldn’t remember how many beers she had drank – and that could really cause problems! I guess I hold on to the beer for sentimental reasons?? or just haven’t got around to throwing it away 🙂


Half a banana
Is better than none at all
Just make it the top

Scavenger Hunt Sunday Scavenger Hunt Sunday – everyone welcome!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

15 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday

  1. whoa… what a nice SENSES picture. CANDID cracks me up – the look on your dog’s face makes me think he got caught playing with something that didn’t belong to him.

  2. Nice set. I liked your Candid – Sweet looking dog.
    Batteries – It was different seeing them in the refrigerator.
    Half – Nice processing on this even though I don’t care for bananas.

    • Thanks Ida. I like your sense photo since it’s so highly unusual – but definitely “sensual” 🙂
      At first I was just going to leave the banana pix natural then thought it might be more a-peeling (sorry for the puns, can’t help myself) to be a little more creative.

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