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A Scavenger Hunt and a Sketch Party Too!

Happy Sunday everyone! Today on our Scavenger Hunt Sunday we have to take a photo of something related to these words: Yellow -Getting Ready – Bright – Teeny Tiny – and Connections.  All but one of these was taken just recently.


Getting Ready

Sunny is getting ready!  There is a crisket on the ceiling and she is just waiting for it to come down.


Remember the blue moon last month? It sure was bright!  I captured this from my back yard.

Teeny Tiny

How big was it? It was just teeny tiny – this big!


Sunny and Sparky definitely have a connection.  Share and share alike!

Sunday Sketches

For Sunday Sketches I’m sharing a whimsical illustration I did in my art journal. I will be slowly working towards more involved journal entries. Right now, I’m just getting used to entering something in a book – something I’ve never felt comfortable doing.  I used stamps, colored pencils and colored pastel.

Just Journals Link Party is a blog I discovered today that gives a challenge or a theme that participants can, if they want to, use to help them have a focus for their journal. Like, September’s prompt is to clip a magazine image, glue it in journal and then use a marker drawing a line through image and onto rest of journal. Just Journals Link Party will be the first Friday of every month. Anyhow, for now, this is what I did yesterday.

Paint Party Post – Art Journal continued

Day four since starting my art journal.    I’m pretty satisfied with this drawing.  Drawing #2 I used watercolor pencils and the page buckled quite a bit, so in the future I think I’ll stick to drier mediums in this journal.  Drawing #3 was a charcoal doodle.   I really want to do some collaging, stamping and such, just hate to drag all my art supplies out again.  Especially since we are expecting company second week in October and my art room is a disaster!  I mean, it looks like an earthquake hit and shook everything in the room all over the place.  But, not to worry, as my husband used to tell me: “it really isn’t as bad as it looks”.   I’m sharing this with Paint Party Friday and Creative Every Day.

I need to get some fixative for charcoal drawings – or doodles such as this, because they sure mess up anything they come in contact with.

As you can see, the paper is all rumpled  – and that is just with a  little water.     I had planned on having a smooth background, not streaks, but figured  to stop before the paper was a total mess!  Oh, and I just bought  what I think is a new product by Crayola – colored glue and  two-toned spiral glitter glue stick.  I found it handy to spread around the cut-outs to firmly hold the edges plus put a little sparkle on the page.



Prompt for Sensation Haiku Wednesday is chapter – which has several different meanings – here are two of them:

Page one I was born
Then I moved on to last page
chapters of my life

Gamma Phi Beta
Meets a fraternal chapter
Beta Theta Pi



Golden eyes staring
Green frog stares at golden eyes
Stand-off is likely

New Line of Pop Art – Love Series

I’m excited about a new line of prints I just created this past weekend. It is called the Love Series and is pop art. You can see two of the prints here, and you can go to my Fine Art America website to view the rest and, if you’d like, purchase my artwork on canvas, paper, metal, or on a greeting card.

I’m sharing my photos with Sally at Blue Monday and Creative Every Day

Smiling Sally

I’ve Fallen Off My Fence and Broken My Bokeh

No, seriously, the title has three of the Scavenger Hunt Sunday word/promps us scavengers have had to hunt down, along with a few others – here is what I found:


Fallen – like in “help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

Ordinary Color

Now what does that mean?  I guess this is just an ordinary Royal blue – if royal can be considered ordinary!


I had to look this word up; had no idea what it meant. After looking at many images under bokeh, I remembered this photo I took of my cat a few years ago and decided to retouch the whole background. This is how it turned out – would this be considered bokeh?

And last, but not the least is Fence – which is in my back yard overlooking the neighbor’s beautiful tree (don’t remember the name of it)

Sunday Sketch Time in My New Art Journal

How many Sunday Sketchers have art journals? Quite a few, I imagine, since this is how I got my inspiration to start one! And, in researching this subject I discovered Balzer Designs where blogger, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer hosts and welcomes art journal participation. Now I have a whole host of artists to learn from! The first entry in my new art journal is an imaginary female, whom I will call Leah. I look forward to creating some beautiful pages like I’ve seen on Balzer Designs!

Art Journal Every Day

Creative Every Day

Trouble In WordPress City, Underwater Magic and Starry Night – haiku

UPDATE – I found the problem! (Of course, it would have been nice if WordPress could have provided more support in the way of a person).  In case any of you have this very same problem, where all your function buttons disappear when editing a post – or working on a new post, click on Publish at the top of the right-hand column and the buttons will reappear. What fooled me was, the first time I clicked on it nothing happened; well, evidently I didn’t click on it directly or hard enough, because when I clicked on it a few days later, it worked!  I would suggest that WordPress add a small arrow like they have on their Screen Options that let’s one know that there is a choice of hidden or unhidden prompts.  But, I’m back in business!


I am having a serious problem with the functioning of my WP blog. It started after WordPress paused their service for a maintenance session. When it started back (within a few minutes) I noticed my comment I had just entered wasn’t there; but when I clicked reply to rewrite it, the comment popped up. So that’s okay.

But then, when I went to edit my last post there were a whole lot of buttons missing! I couldn’t “preview” or “update” because the buttons had evaporated. I cleared my cache, used Google Chrome, used Mozilla Foxfire, checked it out on my other computer, changed themes – all to no avail. Has anyone else had these problems?

Next, I decided to add a new post (that’s where I ‘m at now). Okay, on the right there are still no buttons, no “save draft”, no “preview”, and no “publish”. So, why am I typing this new post? Just to see if the autosave will keep it in the system for me until the buttons reappear. But I think it would behoove me to copy this to Wordpad just in case autosave doesn’t do the trick – I see in the lower right-hand corner the draft is being saved every minute or so.

UPDATE – I’ve discovered I can add a new post by using the quick post because it has  the “publish” button.  If anyone has the answer to this mystery of the missing buttons would  you please leave a comment.  Thanks!

In the meantime, I think I’ll try inserting a new watercolor painting I just did with ArtRage, called “Underwater World”. And I’ve included a haiku.    This is , indeed, a learning process.  Right now it’s all about learning what the best tool might be to make a certain stroke, texture  or shape.

I might as well add one more while I’m at it – “Starry Night”  with a haiku included also.

silently gliding
undulating tentacles
underwater magic

stars shining above
shooting star streaking through sky
clouds meet milky way