What a Party!

I’m sharing my little drawing with the Sunday Sketchers.

What a Party!

Definition of discipline (one of them): train by instruction and practice; especially to teach self-control.   Example: “Parents must discipline their children”.  So I guess that is why I find it hard to pick up my sketch pad and pencil – it requires DISCIPLINE.  groan.  And yet when I start getting into it I don’t want to quit.  That’s what is so good about
Blue Chair Diary Illustrations weekly challenge of Sunday Sketchers. It’s challenging you to sit down, pick up your pencil or brush and create!

In the seventh grade, many years ago, our orientation teacher, Miss Wood, gave us a list of words that were important to succeeding in life and we were supposed to write out the definition of each word. This was a terrible task! I knew what the words meant but I couldn’t write down what they meant. I sat there through the whole class period trying to put down on paper what I knew the words meant. The definition of these words were traits important to succeeding in the world. There were about four of them, for the life of me, I couldn’t write out a definition but the words have stuck with me (up until my memory started going on me here lately). I just remembered this one, discipline, and decided to tell this story. A few of the others were determination, perseverance and adaptable.

10 thoughts on “What a Party!

    • Thank you. It sure is fun drawing characters – especially if you’re not under pressure to make it look “just like….”. This is a famous character whom I was trying Not to look like him since I didn’t know if that was permissible or not, to draw a character – like Donald Duck or 🙂 Snoopy.

  1. I have never been comfortable with any one of those words! I think they only work if there is a love underlying them all. Where there is love all things are possible…even failure… Love turns everything upside down… and makes it whole.

    • They aren’t particularly comfortable words that’s for sure. But I think the reason they’ve stuck with me is how important they have been in shaping my character. And if you love what you do (sketching) you probably don’t even realize how much these words do apply to what you do!) And, I agree, love should always be there.

    • I read your bio and how you learned the importance of discipline – loved your statement: creativity is discipline in disguise. When I took sewing in high school I’d make all my clothes, but my way without the teachers instructions being followed – until one day I discovered if I followed the pattern (Every step!) my clothes looked professional and not homemade. And from there was able to improvise and make whatever I wanted to make because I had finally learned the basics. And of course art requires the a basic understructure before branching out……
      Thanks for visiting!

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