Scavenger Hunt Sunday


Since I forgot to photograph  the elementary school down the street from my house, I gathered some school supplies and made a pop art photo.

Rule of Thirds

This was by far the most unusual display of clouds I’ve ever taken.  A few days ago I posted another pix from this same shoot with a big rainspout coming down.

Not quite a full profile but pretty close.  This is Sunny – or Stretch.  She has become so long (and she is still not a year old) my husband nicknamed her Stretch.   She is one sweet cat!


Sparky is big.  Mandy is small.


Fan in motion

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

23 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday

  1. Fun shots! The clouds are really beautiful, and I have to laugh that your kitty looks just like my kitty, Sunny – or sometimes we just call her Shine.

  2. Great job!! The clouds and pets are my favorites (of course I’m an animal lover). I think the fan photo is very unique. The lights add an interesting look to the moving fan blades.

    • Thamk you. I’m not sure the clouds measured the Rule of Thirds because I misplaced my grid when it came time to download “one” of the clouds that I had, but I think it’s the one. Sunny says thank you too, meoow!

  3. Your Sunny looks like my late husband’s cat “Pumpkin”… even to the spot on it’s mouth/nose.

    I love the clouds photo… it’s gorgeous.

    • Where is Pumpkin now? We are so fortunate to have Sunny. She is an especially sweet cat. Blogging has been absolutely wonderful for getting me back into some creativity – the more I share with others, the more I find to do – photography, writing, drawing – what’s next? Oh, I know, since I don’t have any more bird pixs, if I want to continue to contribute to World Wild Birds I’ll have to do a little bird watching!

    • No, I’m not sorry summer is almost over – But if I had a chance to go to the beach like you I wouldn’t mind it at all (and where it’s a little cooler weather everywhere). I love your “catching the sun” series! Do you have any idea what the red spot is? wooooohoooo (spooky music).

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