Sunflowers by Muriel Sigretto 1910-2010

©L. Grimley

Orange you glad it’s Friday is a brand new meme, just started today and I’m  happy to be taking part in it.

What I’m sharing today is a painting my mother did in the ’70s.  Her name is Muriel Bolles Sigretto Thompson – but she always used the name Sigretto on her paintings.  She comes from a line of painters – her cousins, mother, sisters and brother, and now me, her daughter, and from what I hear, my grand-daughter, Stephanie, is very interested in drawing – mostly horses, of course, since she has two of them and loves them greatly .

Sunflowers is an oil on canvas and it has a lot of texture since mother threw in a lot of sand to build up the centers of the flowers.  Muriel passed away December 14, 2010 at the ripe old age of 100.5 years.  She was still keeping her hands busy even when she was 97!



10 thoughts on “Sunflowers by Muriel Sigretto 1910-2010

  1. I know how treasured these paintings by our ancesters are… I have a painting of roses painted by my Greatgrandmother … painted just after the Civil War…. It’s the only physical connection I have to her … together with her pallet…. Since I was named for her I’ve always wondered what she was like.

    • They really are treasured. And I want to share Mom’s work with others. In fact, I’d rather see most all of her work auctioned off or sold, because then I’d know the paintings were in the hands of people that appreciate art and not stuck in a relatives attic or cellar. Or worse yet, in the Salvation Army or Goodwill. I’ve bought many a painting at the thrift stores because I felt sad for the artist – that his/her work ended up in a thrift store. Have you tried to research your great-grandmother on the internet? It’s amazing sometimes what you can find on a relative that has long been gone!

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