Archive | August 22, 2012

Commit, Commit, Commit – haiku

Sneaks in the side door
Black hood pulled low covers face
Thrusts note to teller

Frayed and so afraid
Lashing out asking for help
Answer is commit

Dressed in black and white
Their fingers weaved together
Lifetime commitment

Join the fun!

Wild Duck

Wild Bird Wednesday is here again.  This little duck – is it a mallard?  I think so but I’m not a bird expert.  My sister-in-law and I were at the river regatta  a week or so ago filming all the rafters going down the Colorado River when this duck sails in, looks at the 8-10 people, most of them taking pictures with their cameras and she’s staring intently at us, like, “here I am, take my picture” – I swear, that’s what her intentions seemed to be.  She’d start swimming off, then think better of it; come back and stare at us – Wait!  It just dawned on me, the two viewers in front of me had cameras with big zoom lens, maybe she thought they were some sort of ducks with funny bills!  Anyhow, I’ve got ducky to thank for my participation in the WBW today.  Hopefully, my luck will stay with me and some little bird in the backyard will pose for me in time for next week’s entry. Happy hump day!