Work Station – Sunday Sketches

You’ve got to start somewhere, right?  This is my first sketch for the Blue Chair Diary Illustrations Sunday Sketches. And what better to sketch than my work space – how I’d like it to look! My intentions were to sketch everything, all the mail piled on the left,  and stacked in front of the TV on the right, TV remotes, pencils everywhere, scraps of paper everywhere, you name it, it’s there.

After sketching the main ingredients I started running out of steam so the brilliant idea came to me, why not sketch my work station like I’d like to be able to keep it? Clear, not messy – ha! I’ve tried that so many times – like, over and over and over. It only takes one day, maybe two and then it looks like I’ve never ever cleaned it. Anyone else have that problem? What’s the answer? Oh well, here is my desk which is located in my big kitchen. It’s pretty nice because it is large enough to hold my printer, tower, computer, and TV with multiple drawers on each side.

And, of course, I was tuned into the Blue Chair Diary Illustrations so decided to sketch that on the computer. I’m really looking forward to next week – see you then!


17 thoughts on “Work Station – Sunday Sketches

  1. The beauty of this post is that it can inspire many of us to pick up our pencils and start sketching. The only way to release our dormant creativity.

    Thank you and kind regards.

    • thank you dilip. The wonder of this is, before I started sketching today I felt really bad physically – but after sketching for several hours I felt remarkably better – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. And, reading some of the other artist’s comments it’s not uncommon to feel better after sketching. I guess feeding the soul resonates to all parts of our being.

  2. I clean my art table about once every 3 mths. if it lasts for a day I am lucky. I think I’ll borrow your idea & just sketch it the way I’d like it to be!
    fun post & sketch, thanks for sharing!
    cheers, dana

    • “they” say that visualization works very well. I wonder if we gaze upon the sketching of our workstation if it will eventually become a reality? We should give it a try! 🙂

    • And I adore your art! After doing my sketch I went to link it to your blog and happened to read the blurb at the top of your home page re “not using any of your art,etc unless given permission..” and I became anxious until I looked at my sketch once again and realized you can’t hardly make out the little figures. It IS okay, isn’t it? 😳

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