Archive | August 18, 2012

Fairy Belle – ACEO/Senryu

I just discovered Paint Party Friday and thought  this would be a great way to join the artist community and at the same time maybe get my artistic juices going.  This is an art card I made some years ago and just a few days ago decided to include her on my Zazzle website on one of their newest products – playing cards.  Back when I was a kid, many many years ago, I loved collecting playing cards which we would trade in order to get the cards that matched our special collections.  I specialized in collecting horses, long-haired dogs like red Irish setters,  collies, Australian shepherds etc and horses, beautiful horses.   I don’t know if kids do this anymore but my memories are what prompted me to put Fairy Belle on playing cards.  I wrote a haiku  senryu introducing her.  One difference in the original ACEO and the one on the playing card is the enhancement of color for print production.


Sweet, funny, mischievous
Golden braided hair, rose wand
Fairy Belle is her name

Sweet, funny, mischievous
Don’t tinker with Fairy Belle
Or you may go poof!