Envision If You Can

Mosaic Art by Cherie Holt © 2010


Envision If You Can
Envision if you can
The wonders of the world,
Blossoming forth into a beautiful plan
Of oneness and love,
Harmony and peace,
Beauty and grace for all to have.
When will this be, this day of change?
And who opens the eyes for one to see
The mysteries of life in eternity?
Go within and you will find
The stirring of One who will open your eyes.
Will open you eyes for you to see
That the time is here for eternity.
                                   L. Grimley

2 thoughts on “Envision If You Can

  1. Your welcome! My friend, Cherie, is a great mosaic glass artist. This painting (mosaic glass) is hanging in our church’s prayer room with a matching painting on the other side with a huge cross inbetween. It is beautiful! I wrote Envision in the 70s when meditation was a regular part of my day. I sent this poem to Cat Stevens (the singer who goes by a different name now) and gave him permission to use it in a song if he’d like. He never did – instead he went on a spiritual quest and changed his whole life style. Have a great week! 🙂

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