Mourning Dove – a cinquain

peaceful, quiet
nesting, resting, cooing
protective mother has a watchful eye

These little mourning doves built their nest in the palm tree right outside my front door. They used that nest for about three years but then the tree started leaning more and more and they stopped nesting there. This is a photo I took a few years back that I will share with Wild Bird Wednesday

The poem above is my first attempt at a word cinquain – a five-line poem consisting of one word on the first line, two words on the second, three words on the third, and a whole short sentence on the fourth and one word on the fifth line, which should be a synonym for the noun on the first line. And the second line should be two adjectives describing the noun on the first line. The third line contains three verb words ending in -ing which describes the noun in line one. The fourth line one short, complete sentence about the noun in line 1. And fifth line is one word (noun), synonymous with the first line noun. Here is a link to a good explanation of a cinquain and several examples.


18 thoughts on “Mourning Dove – a cinquain

  1. Real tough job!! I became lost somewhere in between while reading the instructions for writing a cinquain lol 😀 commendable effort and marvellous outcome! 🙂
    Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog! 😉

    • Your welcome – and thanks. I kind of chuckled while I was explaining the form of a cinquain since it was sort of like a tongue twister. Then it dawned on me to include a link showing and explaining a cinquain. I was only writing haiku and read some of Trisha’s poetry and decided to try a few other forms also. It is fun, isn’t it?

      • Yes indeed it is..I once tried at a tanka but it wasn’t that impressive so I didn’t post it but will try again in the future 😛 Its great fun, I love Japanese poetry forms good exercise for my brain 🙂

  2. Thank you Stewart. I don’t believe I have any more bird pixs – but I’ve put the word out to all my neighborhood birds to stop on by and let me take their pictures! 🙂

    • Are you ever called Sharma? or Trisha? I’m glad you liked them. You inspired me to write another form of poetry beside haiku. I’ll be checking your poetry blog to find a few more to try!

    • Thank you Larry – You are so fortunate to live in Northern CA . DH and I lived in Palo Alto/Mt. View before moving to the AZ desert in 1997. Love the little hummingbirds!

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