Mosaic-Tempered Glass Dragonfly

This is my third mosaic-tempered glass project.  This one I worked on all by my lonesome. It really is so mind absorbing creating a mosaic and a lot of fun!  There is something positively therapeutic to working with glass that I definitely do not feel while painting.

The yellow-green sky and dragonfly wings are tempered glass.  I painted the background the colors I wanted  before applying the glass.  The white, green and red glass are a mixture of stained glass, mosaic tiles, and cut glass marbles.  After all the glass is glued in place, grout is applied between the glass and tiles.  I had a hard time deciding what color grout would look best; finally decided I would use a yellow-green grout that  would be close to the color of the sky.  And the rest of the picture I used black grout.  When all the excess grout was cleaned off I added the river path of multi-colored tiny pebbles.  The frame is ceramic tile.


4 thoughts on “Mosaic-Tempered Glass Dragonfly

  1. Great work! I would love to see this close up, too. What an inspired idea to use two different colors of grout – why limit yourself? It is interesting that you felt something you have never felt while painting, because I feel that way about sculpting stone – it is the full monty for me – 100% fulfillment 🙂 I wonder if it is the 3-D factor? Why do you think you felt this way about this medium, Lessandra?

    • I think at least part of it is the 3-D effect because, now that I think of it, I definitely Love to paint with a palette knife – which is a painting with a 3-D effect. And I’ve always loved to sew clothes also. But as far as mosaic goes, a rock/glass/gem store is like a candy store to me, so creating something using these beautiful stones is just a real turn on! 😆

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