Arizona Roadrunner

Photography is one of my artistic endeavors.   I took this photograph of a  roadrunner in my front yard. After digitally enhancing, he is now part of my Fine Art America collection. Here’s a plug for Fine Art America – they do beautiful high quality work!  Now, what would a picture be without a haiku!

Watch for roadrunner
A carnivorous creature
Snake is good to eat

I also found a great birding blog: The Pine River Review/ and they have a World Bird Wednesday where, every Wednesday bird lovers can post photos of birds that they have on their blog. You don’t have to be pro photographer or have a birding blog – you can just be a bird lover! Here is there WBW link:

7 thoughts on “Arizona Roadrunner

  1. thats a pretty bird. i am not fully back yet, i was reading one of your comments in my blogs, will encounter that again when i start answering comments and will answer it there then. but before that- you said something went awry after you rescheduled your blogs, did you rescheduled them for a past date/time or future date/time? If past then you know it will insert itself to that past date and naturally most of people, even your regular readers will miss it. if it is in future date/time then thats a sad happening, because my rescheduled posts work fine, when i reschedule them for future date/time, in case of past, well.. i dont even hope someone will read them.

    • No, these weren’t rescheduled, they were new posts that I wanted to come out a day or so later since I wrote several posts at the same time. For instance I scheduled one for the next day, it posted on the day I scheduled it for but none of my followers got notice of it in their email (followers get notice of all of my posts that I post immediately).

    • Thanks Stewart – I just found your comment in spam – sorry. WBW has whetted my appetite for taking some interesting photos of the birds in my neighborhood. A week ago I scared a mother quail who had laid eggs in a nest right next to my front door in the spider plants! I hope she was able to complete her duty hatching her eggs. If I see a string of baby quail following their Mom I will know she succeeded!

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