washed over with pain
water water everywhere
when will it stop

English: A Flood on Java (c.1865-1876) by Rade...

pain washes over
a life lost in giving
his life means much


3 thoughts on “Flood

  1. Hello Lessandra
    I have been enjoying your poetry and I think you have done a good job. Well done! 🙂
    I am dropping by to thank you for subscribing to my blog. I hope you will find visiting my blog an enjoyable experience.
    Thank you again and lovely day to you! 🙂
    Subhan Zein

    • No. I just read about it – sounds like I’d probably like it (I like sci-fi). I think Flood is prophetic. Before Princess Di was killed there was a large rash of broken pipes both inside and outside homes (symbolic of much flowing of water/tears). Now it seems to be happening again – plumber said he was swamped with calls. I have a leak somewhere in the walls and my master bathroom floor was flooded so I’ve kept my water to the house off most of the time to limit the water. But yesterday it started in another area outside of the bathroom! Plumber comes today and I hope he can find it without too much tearing out of walls etc. So the symbolism is a great flooding of tears and emotions of the masses.

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