Celebrate! haiku

Joyous occasion
She came and looked at Mom’s house
And bought it today

Powerful color pattern

Image by Pensive glance via Flickr

What a great feeling to finally find someone who wants to live where Mom used to live.  A good friend of mine, now deceased, used to call my mother Merle instead of Muriel.  And now, the lady that bought Mother’s home is named Meryl.    Can you believe that?!   I hope Meryl appreciates her new home as much as Mom loved it.  Welcome Meryl!


9 thoughts on “Celebrate! haiku

  1. My name is Merrill… I’ve been called Muriel, Merle, Merrilee, Marilyn, and on and on and on… I have no idea why these names are so hard to discern… I’m dislexic and I don’t have any trouble telling them apart…By the way Meryl is the girl’s name and Merrill is the boy’s name… Perhaps it’s because I have a boy’s first name people want to make it feminine????

    In any event I’m glad you’ve sold the house…. it’s hard to upkeep a house when no one is living in it and even harder when there are memories connected to it.

    • That’s gotta be hard – having people call you obvious female names when you are a male! Other names, like Leslie, Madison, Marion …. can be female or male. Did you have a nickname growing up?

      Now I have to write a haiku re the burst bubble (gas man said she needed to replace the hot water heater and even though it’s As Is I’m being pursued!) 😯

      • No, I AM a female… it’s just that I have my great-grandmother’s last name and it turns out to be the masculine form…. 🙂 This gets more complicated every time I try to explain it! :-))))!!!

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