Natural – haiku

The wind is blowing
Air is flowing hot and cold
Nature’s wild season

what is natural?
what is it that stays itself?
Being natural

Join the fun!


19 thoughts on “Natural – haiku

  1. I love the line “nature’s wild season.” We’re in hurricane season, and we never know when nature will toss in a heck of a storm to break the scorching heat.

  2. I love the energy of your blog…. I hope you won’t be offended but the word “haiku” is both singular and plural… You can have a dozen haiku …. Oh! Heavenly thought! 🙂 Of course you can say it any way you wish to… there are no police around… but there is so much misunderstanding about the form I can’t help myself to try to mention some of the wonder I’ve found while working with some amazingly good haijin.

    A kigo (a nature word) is so vital to setting the time, place, feeling, tone… I know you’re on the right track.

    • Thank you mr/ms snowbird for the correction. Would you like to play WWF with me? I love words – and the correct use of them, so I’m not al all offended 🙂 All I know about haiku is the traditional 5-7-5. Your snowbird blog is wonderful – such lovely ?haiga? Is that haiku with a picture? Would my “Once in a blue moon” be a haiga? Now I must go look up haijin?? It is wonderful learning new things – even at my advanced age!

      • Thanks for your interest…. It’s impossible to write Japanese haiku in English because Japanese doesn’t have syllables… they have something like “on” or “onji” … and the traditional Japanese haiku was 5/7/5 onji (most of the time but not always.) English language haiku does not require 5/7/5… the idea is not counting syllables, but the juxtaposition of two ideas producing a sudden insight. Sometimes the juxtaposition isn’t necessary but for the most part it’s helpful to become aware of it because in it you discover the way of understanding this. A haiku must be brief… some have called it “one breath haiku”:.. like an exclamation…something that reveals the sudden understanding. There are terms like “yugan”, “sabi”, “wabi”, you might look up too and find some insight into the power of a haiku.
        I guess in haiku no one is ever really advanced past childhood since it always looks at the world with a bit of wonder, always open to the moment and what the moment brings.
        To be a beginner in haiku is the best place to be.

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