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Mosaic-Tempered Glass Dragonfly

This is my third mosaic-tempered glass project.  This one I worked on all by my lonesome. It really is so mind absorbing creating a mosaic and a lot of fun!  There is something positively therapeutic to working with glass that I definitely do not feel while painting.

The yellow-green sky and dragonfly wings are tempered glass.  I painted the background the colors I wanted  before applying the glass.  The white, green and red glass are a mixture of stained glass, mosaic tiles, and cut glass marbles.  After all the glass is glued in place, grout is applied between the glass and tiles.  I had a hard time deciding what color grout would look best; finally decided I would use a yellow-green grout that  would be close to the color of the sky.  And the rest of the picture I used black grout.  When all the excess grout was cleaned off I added the river path of multi-colored tiny pebbles.  The frame is ceramic tile.

Reflection – tanka

The Trendle

Does film reflect life
Or does life reflect movies
Love one another
Stricken down with violence
Brings many tears and anguish

May God give peace and comfort to all those who have lost loved ones in Colorado today.

Arizona Roadrunner

Photography is one of my artistic endeavors.   I took this photograph of a  roadrunner in my front yard. After digitally enhancing, he is now part of my Fine Art America collection. Here’s a plug for Fine Art America – they do beautiful high quality work!  Now, what would a picture be without a haiku!

Watch for roadrunner
A carnivorous creature
Snake is good to eat

I also found a great birding blog: The Pine River Review/ and they have a World Bird Wednesday where, every Wednesday bird lovers can post photos of birds that they have on their blog. You don’t have to be pro photographer or have a birding blog – you can just be a bird lover! Here is there WBW link:

Boredom – haiku

Waiting to be called
Doctor called my name

Voice drones on drones on
As he points to the chalkboard
I must stifle yawn

Party is lively
His monotonous voice is
Boring me to tears


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Celebrate! haiku

Joyous occasion
She came and looked at Mom’s house
And bought it today

Powerful color pattern

Image by Pensive glance via Flickr

What a great feeling to finally find someone who wants to live where Mom used to live.  A good friend of mine, now deceased, used to call my mother Merle instead of Muriel.  And now, the lady that bought Mother’s home is named Meryl.    Can you believe that?!   I hope Meryl appreciates her new home as much as Mom loved it.  Welcome Meryl!

Heat – haiku

English: Rock Pigeons in 2010 Northern Hemisph...

English: Rock Pigeons in 2010 Northern Hemisphere summer heat wave. Kharkov. + 37 C. Русский: Аномальная жара летом 2010 года. Голуби, купающиеся в луже, специально утром налитой дворником. Температура в данный день +37 градусов С. Харьков, ул. Каразина, 17. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sweltering summer
sun beats down on steamy streets
pigeons cool their feet

Rivulets of sweat
Dripping profusely from hair
Ah cool water drink

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