Yea! I Don’t Have To Clean My House!

Looking around my house simply depressed me.  It was getting so gray!  The blue walls had faded a dull bluish-gray. The furniture, TV and everything  looked like it had ten layers of dust. I would definitely have to do a “deep cleaning”.  But before tackling that task I needed to go to the big city and  keep my appointment with the eye doctor to get one of my cataracts removed.  Then I could come home and get busy cleaning!

Yesterday my cataract was removed.  What a difference a day makes!  I went into surgery thinking I had on a gray t-shirt and came out of surgery only to see it had turned purple!!   The next day I would keep experimenting with this newfound bright world by covering  my newly-operated-on-cataract-free eye and noting how everything had a grayish, dirty pall to it.  And, upon uncovering my good eye everything was SO much brighter!   Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to get home to see how things would look.

The first things I noticed were the picture on the TV set had vivid colors and my computer had the whitest of white background (before it was a grayish yellow color).  As I took everything in with my cataract-free eye, the blue walls, the furniture, my husband (no, only kidding) -all looked unbelievably bright!  I am So glad I didn’t start my “deep cleaning” until I had my eye done!  But, I think it behooves me to wait a little whiler longer to have my other eye done – who knows, maybe I’ll be able to wait even longer to clean my house! 🙂


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