Going! Going! Gone!

I stopped into the local auction house that just started about a month or so ago to put up some flyers on an auction I’m having in a few weeks on my inherited modular home.  Wish me luck everybody!   But as I was looking around there in the corner was a box full of goodies! Mosaic marbles, accent marbles, small bag of tiny seashells, and polished river rock.  This will be great for some mosaic art projects at our church arts and crafts group.  So far we’ve made paperweights, birdhouses, butterfly keyholder, and one of my paperweights looked really dorky – so I glued it on a small piece of wood and added a head, feet and a tail to make a turtle.  If any of you crafty bloggers have some suggestions to other projects we could do (or individually) leave a comment.


One thought on “Going! Going! Gone!

  1. those marbles look gorgeous. all the best for your project, i know you will find fantastic ideas in your own heart.

    you can google too, there are so many creative people who put up their works on internet to display, you may play with them.

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