Writer’s Block – or self-denial

I decided that my blog would be about all my interests – might as well write about that which you are most familiar, right? Art has been in my life a long time; cooking even longer, gardening comes and goes, depending on where I live and the suitability and ease of growing vegetables. And it seems like I’ve had a green thumb living in some places more than others.

After writing four or five posts I happened upon a writer’s blog: onthehomefrontandbeyond.  Really fun to read, especially when she posted a draft of the beginning of a fictional story and asked for some feedback. This really was exciting for me! Back in the ’70s I wrote some poetry and in the ’90s I took a 2-3 year correspondence writing course. Then, again, I was drawn into a few poetry forums online in 2000. That’s quite a lot of writing, but for some reason I didn’t include it as an interest. Can you believe it?? I didn’t include this in my about page. Why? That’s what I asked myself – why? The answer came to me: Pain, shock. Each period of intense writing was followed by an emotional separation or shock. In 1975 after writing for almost three years my seventeen year marriage ended in divorce. When I was just about to get my writing certificate in 1996 the hospital where I worked for thirteen years laid off my whole medical transcription office. And then when I was having fun creating poetry with others online, 9-11 happened. I was sitting on the edge of my bed when the second plane crashed into the World Trade Center. Who can have fun writing after seeing such a horrendous scene? So, I guess there is some fear there – isn’t self-denial great? If you don’t write, nothing bad will happen; write, and something bad might happen. Gulp. But now that I realize that’s what has kept me from enjoying the process of writing, I think it’s time to climb up on the horse again!

Besides Louann’s blog inspiring me, www.plinky.com/ has whetted my appetite for wordsmithing. Plinky asks a question and you give an answer. The first question I answered in one word; the second was a more serious question so I used a few more words. And it seems with each answer I want to give a more creative answer. You can download an image to go with the content of your answer – this can provide a visual to go along with your answer, and help you to elaborate more on your answer, too.


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