I’m  quite attached to this little roadrunner.  He/she (haven’t learned how to tell them apart) has been coming around since a little baby.   There are quite a few roadrunners in the neighborhood here in the low desert of Arizona.  They are attracted to the mesquite trees in my yard.  In fact, lots of birds are attracted to the shade of these large trees, and if you were to go walking under them at night a few half dozen startled birds would fly out of their roosts!  Click here  if you’d like to learn a few facts about them and hear what a roadrunner sounds like (they don’t actually go beep! beep! like in the cartoons).

A few years ago I took part in an ACEO (Art Cards Editions and Originals)art project on Wet painting or drawing on 2.5″x3.5″ cards.  When I decided to draw a roadrunner I looked all over the Internet but really couldn’t find a satisfactory pix of a roadrunner.  Well, now if anybody is looking to do a good rendering of a roadrunner I give permission to use my digital photograph as a model, BUT will reserve rights to photography and prints of digital photograph.

I like to use Picasa to edit and be creative.  Sometimes a “happy accident” will happen – just as it does when painting!  Something will happen that you didn’t intentionally execute, but – say – it doesn’t look too bad!

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