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Out-of-the-Garden Salad



Assorted garden lettuce
Couple baby carrots (tiny ones)
Sliced kohlrabi
Snipped garlic chives
Baby pea pods
Nasturtium leaves and a flower or two
Lawry’s garlic powder
Minced onion bits

Use kitchen shears to cut up carrots, chives, and nasturtium leaves. Throw pea pods in whole and slice kohlrabi in thin slivers. Toss with small amount of honey-dijon dressing. Awesome!

And What Ails Your Dog?

She puked, was off her feed, had a hard time standing and finally was throwing and passing blood. Actually, Sparky had been off her feed for some time. A few hours after eating she would choke and hawk like something was stuck in her throat. So off to the vets we went. The doc took blood, a few x-rays and nothing seemed amiss. Next step, the doc said, was a barium x-ray  and this would show the GI tract much better. So, $1,000. later Sparky is fine! (at least the blood work and x-rays didn’t show anything). But I sure felt sick!! Don’t get me wrong. I’m very thankful Sparky is okay, but what a way to find out! $$$  😦

And, of course, I still wanted to know why my sweet doggie was having such difficulties.   Mandy, her little chiwawa/doxie mix sister wasn’t having any problems and they ate the same dry dog food mix moistened with water.  Then I started watching her eat; now mind you, she’d had most of her teeth removed when they cleaned them last year – and the vet assured me she would have no problems eating! Right. Only, as I observed Sparky eating, I realized she was pretty much swallowing it whole. I went out and bought some canned food – time to experiment! First night: No choking or hawking or restless discomfort. Second and third night: the same thing – no GI problems. But canned dog food is awfully expensive compared to dry dog food, so I thought trying homemade cooked dog food might be the way to go. I’m not sure if this is going to be much cheaper than canned food but certainly it will be more healthy – if I give them all the nutrients they need (still working on that). There are quite a lot of dog food recipes online if anyone wants to try home-cooked dog food. But I’m writing this article in case there are other dog owners out there that are having unsolved health problems with choking and hawking and vomiting .  It could be Sparky was bolting her food and it couldn’t digest easily, causing her a lot of duress.  Hopefully, there won’t be any retractions to this story and Sparky will continue to have good health (considering her age of thirteen years old!). And yes, I changed Mandy’s food also. They are extremely enthusiastic about eating now compared to when they were eating dry food.  Amazing!

What a Beautiful Day!

Sunflower Montage

I grew these sunflowers in my backyard a few years ago – and besides gardening I love photography, hence the picture. Since it’s one of my best sellers on FAA I submitted it in their Fine Art America National Photography Contest.



This was such a fun project!  The arts and crafts group at church made Easter/Springtime mosaic birdhouses for all the tables in the fellowship hall.  Our teacher, Cherie, is a fantastic mosaic glass artist as well as a great teacher!  You can buy these little wood birdhouses at most arts and crafts stores,  such as  JoAnn’s or Michael’s.  A lot of my birdhouse is covered with tempered glass. This is clear tempered glass that has been shattered and then small chunks or pieces of glass are glued onto the birdhouse – which has first been painted in bright colors.  Wherever the tempered glass is applied the color shows through.  You can even add glitter to the paint.  On one of my birdhouse projects I painted flowers and grass, but once you apply the tempered glass most of the defined flowers and grass is obscured (so don’t go crazy painting a great picture if you are going to cover with TG.    There needs to be a little space for the grout between the pieces of glass,  stones, jewelry (whatever you are applying).  The grout holds everything together nice and tight!  After the excess grout is all cleaned off,  more embellishments can be added, such as my bird and shells around the roof.

Hello world!

Welcome to! This is my very first post on   After I auction off my Mom’s house (she passed in Dec. 2010) I will be blogging about my passions: art, cooking and gardening – Home Sweet Home!  Comments  appreciated and any suggestions on subjects related to art, cooking and gardening are welcome!

Happy blogging!