Can You Believe It’s Friday Already?

It seems like Friday was just a few days ago. My, how time flies when you are having fun! I am sharing with Orange You Glad It’s Friday.

Since Autumn is coming up this month I made a little Autumn Mini Bird House. It’s in my Etsy store Mosaic This And That.
And last year I made a mosaic butterfly that you can put on the wall and hang your keys on it. It took from last year to last week for me to finish it – and all that I had to do was grout it! But now I’m inspired to do some more projects. I started painting a small jewelry box today but haven’t decided whether I want to mosaic it, decoupage it, or or….. Usually I’ll start working on a piece and somewhere take a sharp turn in another direction and when it’s finished it doesn’t look anything like what I started to do. But sometimes that’s what it takes – just get started and then fresh ideas come to you!

Have a nice weekend!




Orange You Glad It's Friday

Last Monday in August

Sharing with Blue Monday. This is my new Florida patio – love my new umbrella with all it’s bright colors!


I went to a local high-end consignment store and found this beautiful Ikea multimedia center – photo is not too clear but it has black plexiglass sliding doors. See the picture of the giraffe with the blue background? My step-son made that for our wedding in 1987. It’s all done with cut-out paper and is really beautiful.


And this is what it looks like with the sliding doors covering the TV section – two bookcases filled with my knick-knacks and books.

apt 9-002


My new living room sofa and a couple of paintings with a touch of blue.

Smiling Sally

Orange You Glad It’s Friday?

Happy Friday, Orange You Glad It’s Friday?/

This was a spectacular sunset in Arizona just before I moved to Florida. There was a storm abrewing and it created a dramatic sunset with dark clouds above the vibrant orange.


Here are some pictures of some of the furniture that will be for sale at my estate sale (in Arizona) this fall (date to be announced later). The estate sale personnel are working overtime getting it ready. Stay tuned!




Orange You Glad It's Friday

I’m Still Here – No….. There!

Since I missed last week’s Blue Monday, I’m just going to add this onto last weeks story. And in addition, the photos here are from a wonderful visit I had with a lovely group of women from a P.E.O. Chapter in Ocala. They invited me along to Eaton Beach Restaurant on Lake Weir. It was beautiful there, don’t you think? The skies were magnificently blue with low billowy clouds. And my Mahi fish sandwich was delicious!

Eaton Beach-002

Eaton Beach3-001

This photo is from last summer at Daytona Beach

A drawing I did of my grand-daughter a few years back with cat, Cassy


It’s time for a follow-up. A fellow blogger wished me well in going forward after my husband, Roy, died. It’s been a little over five months now and our/my house in Arizona is up for sale and on July 26th, my birthday, I signed a lease in Ocala, Florida and now have a cute little apartment in a wonderful community with people of all ages – yes, I find young people and children seem to give me joy and happiness in being here!

After being widowed I figured it made the most sense to live near some of my kids, and since my daughter and grand-daughter live here we can give each other a helping hand if problems arrive – not to mention enjoying each other’s company! Now that I’m in Florida maybe the day will come and I’ll even get to meet Smiling Sally –! Of course some days, most days, I go through a little “rough” spell but then after a few tears – or a good wail – I’m moving forward again.

Here is something I found out about grief, bereavement. They are just words if you have never experienced a loss that touches your soul. But if it touches your soul grief is an inner emotion/feeling as real as shivering, crying, sneezing, jealousy, hurt feelings, etc. It can cause, what I call inner crying, where the whole body is crying internally – sort of like when you feel a sneeze welling up but it stays within and never erupts externally. I’m sharing this because I honestly had never experienced such a loss before and did not realize the painfulness of grief (even though I knew I’d grieve losing my husband I didn’t realize the physicality of the emotions expressed in grieving). But it has gotten better with each month and with the help of God and the support of my wonderful friends and relatives life will go on. And who knows what Life has to offer!

On a lighter note, I am having a super time buying new furniture and decorating my new home!

P.S. I just missed getting into Blue Monday by an hour so now I’ll have to wait till next week to post on Smiling Sally’s Blue Monday.

Smiling Sally

Blue Monday

Sharing with Blue Monday. Lots of blue in my pixs. And they are all related to my loved ones. My husband of twenty-seven years passed away Sunday morning, four days ago. So I’m struggling right now and trying to do positive things that might help me feel better. So blue is coming!

The Multifacted Roy Grimley!

Roy 1927-2014


This is my husband, Roy, and his daughter Nancy a few years ago when she was visiting us from California. She and my daughter Connie have been a great strength these past few days even though they are not here in Arizona with me.  Thank God for email and Facebook!


Meet Suzie, my psychic/spiritual cat. She can see what’s here and what is “there”. During Roy’s last week at home Suzie gazed intensely way up high in our family room with a seventeen-foot high ceiling and then behind me. I figured she must be looking at those on the other side – spirits who were there helping Roy get ready for his transition. Okay, it could all be my imagination, right? Well, in the last few days when Suzie would be sitting next to me or in my lap she would start staring next to me or behind me and her ears would flatten out, as cat’s ears do when they are feeling threatened or are leary as to what is near them. We’ve had Suzie seven years and Roy was only able to touch her maybe six or seven times. She just was very cautious around him. So this was pretty amazing! It let no doubt that she was seeing my Roy.


Dear, sweet Sparky; she was fourteen years old when she died last year in March. Sparky was off her feed the year before, so I started preparing her meals for her. She rewarded me with happy barking before every meal!


And Mandy was our ball chaser. She loved to race after the ball, position it, and roll it back with her nose. Her accuracy was amazing! She passed away last August when we were in Florida. Mandy was at least sixteen or seventeen years old.


Last but not least is Sunny our outgoing cat-dog. She was born to a mother raised outdoors with several big dogs and ate dog food instead of cat food. And Sunny also ate dog food the first few months of her life. Hence, she has some odd cravings – like eating cardboard! She really knows how to destroy a good packing box, or worse, the corners of my favorite photo albums! But she is so sweet! Definitely a joy to have around.

I know my journey has just started and I have a long row to hoe, but my friends and my faith in God will help pull me through.


Psalm 71:20-21
Though you have made me see troubles, many and bitter, you will restore my life again; from the depths of the earth you will again bring me up. You will increase my honor and comfort me once again.


Blue Monday Instructions

In My Day – a poem

Here is a poem to share with imaginary garden with real toads.

DH has always loved the past – and me, I’d like to think, am much more progressive and in the Now or future of things; I say this as I listen to Pandora Radio – Harry Nilsson’s “Everybody’s Talking'”, Mama Cass’s “Dream a Little Dream of Me” and The Band’s “The Weight”. My! My!

In My Day

Where’s my remote?
Why are these controls so small?
Give me the Zenith Space Commander
Any day!

Look at those singers – that’s singing?
Give me Bing Crosby any day.
And that’s a band?
Give me Harry James or Zazu Pitts any day!

Where’s my remote?
Time for my daily fix
Now for some Lawrence Welk.
Ahh, I’ll take Welk any day!

L. Grimley

the imaginary garden with real toads

Five Days ‘Til Christmas


The little birds were so glad to have us home again after five months!  Easy food again!



Sharing my little friends withCamera Critters and Saturday’s Critters. If you’d like to see other interesting critters go to Camera Critters!




Beside the hanging bird feeder I have one on the ground for the two mourning doves that have been hanging around my yard for at least five years.  They like to lay their eggs in the palm tree right outside the front door.  When we came home after five months in Florida I found a pile of bird poop right outside the back kitchen door.  I couldn’t believe it!  They had never come on the patio and done that before!  After giving it some thought I figured it was either because they were looking for me – is she home? – is she sick? – where is she?    Or, it’s because I left a block of peanut butter suet setting on the kitchen table right next to the back door!    Of course, I’d like to believe they missed me :)

christmas tree 2013-001,


Here is my touch of orange for Orange You Glad It’s Friday?. Sunny is wondering which present is her’s!

Orange You Glad It's Friday

Camera Critters

Eleven Days ‘Til Christmas


This year the last two of our pet dogs died – and the oldest ones at that, making this the first time in twenty-five years that we haven’t had a dog.  Mandy died in August and we sort of put her out of our thoughts and mind. But every now and then DH and I would feel so sad and lonely without any little dogs to greet us, follow us and play with us – and just be there!  So one day a few weeks ago the groomer who used to bathe and trim our dogs posted a picture of a little dog that came right to her grooming shop – Laura’s Grooming

. So she posted a photo of the little guy and I fell in love with him – so darling! After talking it over with hubby we decided to invite the little fellow home. Laura said if he wasn’t what I wanted she would take him back until she found someone that wanted him.

When I went to pick him up he practically jumped into my arms! I told Laura he must have some Jack Russell terrier in him to be able to jump like that! Well, to make a long story short, we couldn’t keep him. His energy level was super high, and DH has a multitude of ailments plus advanced age, and Buster (as we named him) would take a flying leap unto the couch – and his lap; scared the heck out of him! Then I remembered we can’t use a doggy door now because of our two kitties. Some neighbors around here let there cats out but I wouldn’t think of it with the coyotes living so close. And DH wouldn’t be able to let Buster out if I wasn’t home so, sadly, I decided (with my head) that it wouldn’t be a good idea to get a dog right now. Very sad. Maybe someone that has never had a dog for a pet won’t understand that, but anyone who has had a dog knows what I mean.

Joining with Camera Critters and
Saturday’s Critters

Camera Critters

Twelve Days ‘Til Christmas


My photo, taken with an iPad mini, doesn’t do this gorgeous sunset justice. I’ve never seen such a perfect blanket of rosy orange-pink before! I have become somewhat lazy about using my Canon camera since purchasing my iPad mini – its so convenient to use! But when I looked outside and saw this beautiful view I knew Orange You Glad It’s Friday would appreciate it.

Sunflower Montage

Sunflower Montage

Sure to brighten your day, a sunflower montage I did a few years ago when I had a garden of sunflowers of all different sizes and colors. I’m sharing this with Floral Friday.

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Fifteen Days ‘Til Christmas

Bells ring, people sing

The Christ has come!

Gladness lights the hearts of man

As Jesus’ birth brings love and hope.

Christmas eve at home

Welcome to our home this Christmas season!

This is sweet Mandy in her Christmas sweater. She passed away this August unexpectedly, even though she was almost seventeen years old. We miss her terribly – she was one sweet doggie!


Mr. Snowman is glad it’s snowing!